Unit 14, 117 Cavendish Street Stanmore NSW 2048

  • Tenanted: 12 Months
  • Rent paid: $430p/w
  • Agent: Not supplied
  • Ratedstars out 4 out of 5 (excellent!)
  • Submitted by: Anon


Nice little 2 bedroom apartment close to all amenities if wanting to be in the inner west.

Only issue is the walls are some what thin! Not so to sure how as they are cement - could be the shop of the block and noise bounces within car park areas. Can here some tenants doing their nightly naughties!!

Planes which are expected in the inner west are very low, however when on the balcony I can wave to some of the passengers.

Other than that a well maintained little block.

Only dropping one star for the noise/plan issues as they are external issues.

Thanks Rate Rental!

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