87 Miller Street, Pyrmont, NSW 2009

Rent Paid: $550.00p/w
Rated stars out 1 out of 5 (Poor)
Agent: LJ Hooker Roseville
Submitted by: Annon

Great location but crap house. Leaking roof - complete with dirt coming down the kitchen walls when there is rain. Rotting wood in toilet. Leaking bathtub (which is reasonably new). Asked real estate to fix 6x and either got no reply or no action. I feel sorry for the little lady who owns it but she should fire the real estate.

There was no property manager for 3-4 months. Emails were either ignored or received an apology email but with no action. Piece of rotting wood fell off back door. There is a small hole in the floor of one of the bedrooms where you can shove headphones down.

All the windows (and I mean ALL) have bars so good luck if there is a fire :D and none of them have mosquito nets.. So good luck in summer! There are bees and wasps too.

Lots of storage though which is a plus. Also - there is a creepy attic with a pull down ladder. Carpet up there has stains all over it.


  • Electric Oven
  • Balcony
  • Curtains / Blinds

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