72 Silver Street, St Peters, NSW, 2044

Rent Paid: $650p/w
Rated stars out 1 out of 5 (Poor)
Agent:  McGrath Leichhardt
Submitted by: Hels

Do not rent this property, which has today been advertised by McGrath https://www.mcgrath.com.au/rent/house/nsw/inner-west/st-peters/73199
We moved out last week, after landlord served us termination notice - supposedly as has $70k of damp repairs to do.

We've been complaining about damp for two years, with him promising to do something and only when we got Fair Trading involved in October last year when he tried to increase the rent without carrying out repairs did he bother to get someone to look at it, a few months later. We took longer to move out over the last week as everything we pulled from our cupboards was more covered in mould than we feared - some has grown in last month or so, other has regrown.

Every item of furniture we pulled away from walls has mould on it due to rising damp - not to mention the bed base and mattress. Complete nightmare. He would only carry out repairs when pushed - subdivided the patio with no warning so we were left with half the outdoor space we had and generally doesn't like to be crossed or you to stand up for your rights. Btw rent was $650 and was reduced to $620 providing we withdrew our letter to Fair Trading as he was supposed to carry out the repairs, and we'd then discuss compensation for loss of the amenities we were renting (ie half the patio.) Needless to say it never happened. We have plenty of photos we are happy to share with would-be renter. We particularly the one of a wooden spoon from a kitchen drawer that turned green with mould in the space of a few weeks. Also, water pours over the guttering into the laundry every time it rains so whatever you have on the floor in there gets soaked. Do not rent, do not rent


  • Air conditioning
  • Gas Hot Plate
  • Electric Oven
  • Backyard
  • Curtains / Blinds

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