7/48 Chalk Street, Wooloowin, Queensland 4030

Rent Paid: $310.00p/w
Rated stars out 4 out of 5 (Above Average)
Agent: Not supplied
Submitted by: Euan

My husband and I lived in this little flat for 3.5 years. For us it was the perfect location, close to bus and rail, shops and in between both of our places of employment. It is a little small but we found it a good size and when we put an island bench in we had plenty of storage and space. You can hear a little noise from the other flats. The laundry is detached from the house and there is a pay washing machine there. There is no air conditioning but the fans work well and we generally enjoyed our time there. 
The balcony is shared with the other upstairs flat.

Rating - out of 5 Stars (5 being best): Four Star

Agent: The agent is the worst part of this flat. At the time Mary Ann Birch were looking after the property (they are no longer ). It was easily one of the worst managed flats I have ever been in. Tradesmen entered the property illegally and could be found working at our window (looking in) on the second floor without warning and at unreasonable times (before 0700 am while we were getting ready for work). We had issues with communication and every time an incident happened (e.g. illegal entries) we were made to feel that it was our fault or that they didn't care. We were left considerable out of pocket when they changed our electrical meter and removed the off peak with out notification, and had to pay to get it changed back (although Maryann Birch implied they would pay for this, then reneged).
I would avoid renting with Maryann Birch ever again. The property owner has now found another rental agency (we had no contact with the property owner) and we had very good relations with this company as we vacated the flat an moved elsewhere.


  • Dishwasher
  • Washing Machine
  • Electric Oven
  • Balcony, Curtains / Blinds

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