6 Lambert Street, Cessnock, NSW 2325

Rent Paid: $285p/w
Rated stars out 2 out of 5 (Poor)
Agent:  LJ Hooker Cessnock
Submitted by: Annon

(These issues were reported when we moved in)
- The stove don’t work when it’s turned on it smokes the house out.
- The Taps connected to where the washing machine goes, the cold one leaks really bad, and hot one doesn’t even work.
- The kitchen tap is loose, and under the sink leak also No hot water
- There is smashed tiles in the bathroom that were very dangerous.
- The toilet is leaking
- There was a lot of things dirty, - i.e the windows, dead cockroaches, Lawn not mowed and the toilet seat. I replaced the toilet seat as I couldn’t clean it and it was unhygienic. – This was meant to be professionally cleaned prior to us moving in.
- All smoke alarms not working

All these issues were fixed after a period of time and hassle.

Issues that were reported on our inspections:
- Air Conditioner not working
- All Door handles dodgy
- Broken wood pole out the front of the house that was extremely dangerous

When the stove was installed by the owner (NOT a Qualified person as our lease states) we told him about:
- Smashed tiles in the bathroom (Showed Him)
- How dirty the house was and the lawn wasn’t mowed
- The hole outside the house – Look like it has been put there by the bins. – Prior to us moving in.
- That there are cupboards/tables and other things in the shed.
He told us he would contact the real estate in regards to this. He did not, I then had to follow up with the real estate myself.
More Issues:
- Mould all throughout the house
- Scratched over the kitchen cupboards/floors/ scuffs all up the walls
- Hole patches all throughout the house
- Hole on the outside of the house.
- Smashed bathroom window
- Broken Curtain hanging off.
Owner told us we have improved the house and it looks good. He told us that the stove was cheap ‘shit’. The stove did not work when it was installed, an electrician came and looked at it and said it was fine. – It wouldn’t boil water after 2 hours. (Had a family friend re wire it) – Works fine now. They are trying to get us to pay the invoice. – They took money from our water usage bill for this, even though they have been informed several times via phone and email I will not be paying this. – I said I was not paying this as the stove was not working and also it was not installed by a fully qualified person and this could have been dangerous (states in our lease all repairs need to be done by a fully qualified person).

Recent issues:
- Partner ran over our water meter by accident– We tried to ring our property manager (Monique Hope) at least 6 times. Was hung up on once (sounded like she was out) no other calls was answered by her. Rang our nominated plumber – No answer. An email was sent the next day informing them. Everything was paid for by us immediately for it to be fixed. 
- Came home from work and there was no power to our power points. – rang and informed Megan Creamer (another property manager) and also rang an electrician (they needed permission off Megan to come look at it). The electrician said the power box is so old he has never seen one of these only at tafe, and this is why the power has cut out – this has happened 4 times now.
No issues have been brought up in after any other inspections, only now since I mentioned speaking to the tribunal. Megan has recently bought up the following:
- Hole in the wall. – was there prior to us moving in
- That we replaced the blind in our dining room (We still have the original)
- Ask if we removed light shade covers – We have not removed anything, - There was no light shade covers when we entered.
- Said that the fly screen was falling off up the top.
** Lights were left on after our inspection** 

I had a hearing scheduled for the tribunal in regards to getting our air conditioner fixed, we had reported this in January 2016 and still in August we had no action after following up nearly every day (emails to prove it) excuses like “we are waiting on quote” – we were then told that the landlord would not replace or repair it. 
We had a look into it and it is an urgent repair, went back to the real estate and told them they should have known it was an urgent repair, we got the excuse of waiting on more quotes again. I had asked for a rent reduction in regards to this and still nothing. They finally received the tribunal hearing date and 2 days later we received an eviction notice on “no grounds” . I then had several calls from the real estate saying to cancel the tribunal hearing that it is going to be a waste of time, that the land lord wont b replacing the air con as they can’t afford it, that if I want to take them to the tribunal hearing about my eviction notice I will have to reapply (unfortunately true). I told them I would cancel the hearing if they gave me a rent reduction – they finally did after 8 months of asking. 
Property manager Monique is extremely rude and Lj hooker would not answer haft my emails until they wanted to know something. We had been there for 10 months and had 4 different property managers, it was a relief getting an eviction notice. We move out in 2 weeks. Wish me luck with trying to get my bond back after all my complaints!


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