49 Phillip Drive, Sunbury, Victoria 3429

Rent Paid: $390p/w
Rated stars out 1 out of 5 (Poor)
Agent:  One Agency
Submitted by: Annon

After signing the lease was advise the property was now for sale.
Was then subjected to weekly open houses from the first day i moved in.
Was not even given a week to move in and was told they would just issue a notice anyway.
The property has part of the fence falling which I reported as it was falling inwards and was dangerous!
They ignored this for months and months. Then a large section of the fence fell down. If my kids were in the yard, forget it!
They rhen sent out a fencer to review it, he advised it needed full replacement and was not even to standard given the rise in the yard. 
2 months later I still complained and the landlord told me that I was being over the top and had no right to have the fence fixed. We had now been in the property 4months had weekly inspection and a fence which has Fallen ignored.
I advised the landlord that the vacant block next door was becoming a local haunt for cars and parties and as I had no fencing my property was no longer secure. Yet again I was told I had no right to argue this.
Due to the inspections and the fence I tried to negotiate less rent, yet again told to shut up in anusive language.
We gave notice to vacate as we only had a 6 month lease and we now could.
Finally the landlord changed agents as the property would not sell ( well overpriced and selling as fully fenced - which it is not!)
The new agents had the fence looked at and the landlord yet again refused to fix it. We have now moved out. That fence is still down.
They are selling it and renting it. Advertising for both without mentioning either, dodgy.
Selling and renting and stating fully fenced.
Do not buy or rent this property, it is falling to pieces. Tiles uneven, fence needs to be redone the whole way around.
Found out as well that there is a small section that can never be fenced between the other side neighbour as th slope of the land.


  • Air conditioning
  • Gas Hot Plate

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