47B Elliott Street, Campbell, ACT, 2612

Rent Paid: $730.00p/w
Rated stars out 3 out of 5 (Average)
Agent: Peter Blackshaw Manuka
Submitted by: Annon

House 3/5 (Pros: Location, semi-modern, Cons: Terrible insulation, no free-to-air antenna, no first floor aircon, expensive central heating, poor build quality)
- Property Manager 4.5/5
- Landlords 0/5

The 3 storey townhouse (first floor main living areas + 2 bedrooms, second floor + master bedroom, ground floor double garage) is a free standing house with a common boundary wall to the house next door, common driveway and is circa 2000 in design. The colour scheme is strange with peach, cream, off-whites, whites, pinks and gold colours throughout and is obvious from the outside. There are heavy brown/grey and gold curtains (varies between rooms) and white drapes which don't do much to stop the heat in summer. Broadband Internet (ADSL/VDSL) is poor here as well due to the long distance from the exchange and nodes and the area won't be getting FttP anytime soon. We got at best 4Mb for ADSL2+.

Insulation in the house is terrible (close to 0 EER) and its freezing in winter (requiring expensive central gas heating to keep warm) and hot in summer (no air-conditioning in the main living areas (first floor)), no double glazed windows, no external awnings, no shade on the windows and the high ceilings in the master bedroom make it extremely hard to keep cool when sleeping (plus no release for the heat in the ceiling).

Build quality isn't great throughout the house (for instance the ensuite bathroom wasn't even sealed so the water leaked straight into the ceiling of the first floor, which caused some plaster damage). After the repair work was complete we returned to the house and found that the landlord's builder mates had covered the whole ground floor in a film of plaster dust and we had to engage cleaners to clean the carpets and wipe down everything on the first floor. We eventually got the money back for the additional cleaning from the landlords, but they tried to argue the fact.

The kitchen, room and hall cupboards are done to a good standard, but the carpets, kitchen appliances are cheap unbranded appliances. The downstairs bathroom also has a good spa and the rooms are a decent size. There is no free-to-air TV antenna in the house (except a Foxtel dish) and the landlords would not install one when asked. 

There is ample storage throughout the house and in the double garage on the ground floor. There are also nesting pigeons in the gutters, second storey eaves and on the roof which leave lots of mess all over the place and are noisy.

Luton Properties managed the property and were great to deal with. Unfortunately, they weren't even aware that the landlords were the next door neighbours when they leased the property. If we had known we wouldn't have taken it. When we signed the lease we were also under the impression that the gardens were maintained by professionals (due to the wording), but they weren't (landlords and family again). The gardening issue lead to numerous Tenancy Act violations by the landlords (recorded and sent to the property manager who relayed our concerns) as they continually accessed the property without permission and outside approved times. We even found them in the backyard and front yards gardening on weekends and public holidays and in the evening. Even after being told by the property manager, the landlords still didn't understand the tenants rights and the Tenancy Act and tried to get us to sign a new lease with themselves, cutting out the property manager, before our lease was even complete! That was it for us, and we left at the end of the lease. We just found out that Peter Blackburn have been engaged as the new Property Managers so good luck to them and potential renters, and hope you have a better experience!


  • Dishwasher
  • Air conditioning
  • Garden maintenance
  • Electric Oven
  • Courtyard
  • Backyard
  • Curtains / Blinds

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