4 Markham Street Darra QLD 4076

  • Tenanted 6 Months
  • Rent paid $350p/w
  • Agent:Harcourts Centenary
  • Rated out 1 out of 5 (poor)
  • Submitted: Kevin

The property is horrible broken windows ( French doors ) the real estates story changes about property and previous issues I had reported to RTA numerous times then on exit report they claimed 2000 in damages and cleaning  property i will be going to court  because we had property carpets cleaned and had a Gumtree go thru my fence which restricted my dog to a verandah approx 1.5 wide by 3 m long ( with the broken French doors) the underneath of property had dog toys and rubbish left from previous tenants yet real estate stated no dogs lived there before us yet found out today that the previous tenants dog had attacked someone on the property and on road at front of property .

I was lied to as we got told the owners had relatives moving in therefore they were withdrawing offer of 12 mth lease 2 days after I said I wouldn't sign unless all property was repaired then 2 weeks after moving out they re advertised house after having a guy fix fence the council removed tree 4 mths ago . Do not rent off Harcourt's centenary.

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