36 Braemar Street, Essendon, Victoria 3040

The entirety of the leasing experience and property was awful.

When we moved in, we had to wipe down all the cupboards and surfaces as they were filthy, like food splatters and oil everywhere. We had to scrub the floors, bath and toilet as there was a thick layer of dirt and grime on everything.

We bought the issue to the real estate agent's attention and her dismissive response was "Well, people just have different standards of cleanliness."

The house was falling apart, and covered in the most horrendously obnoxious (and sometimes peeling) wallpaper. It could make you start to feel nauseous if you stared at it long enough. The mash up of different wallpapers, colours, textures and tiles from half completed renovation jobs over the years is just cringe-worthy.

The paint was peeling and cracking on the ceilings, the walls were cracked and crumbling.

The blocked up chimney became home to a massive swarm of bees and they got into the bedrooms through the cracks in the fireplaces.

The towel rack would constantly come away from the wall and the glass in the front door was fragile and had a hole in it, yet the real estate never returned our emails regarding maintenance.

The front bedroom always filled up with spiders, no matter how much pesticide you sprayed or how tidy the room was.

The toilet would barely flush.

Little to no insulation. Absolutely freezing in the winter and boiling in summer.

There was no clothes line out the back, no lights in the laundry or hallway.

There's a tall blocked up chimney in the kitchen that the stove is under. The amount of oil covered dust and spider webs that hang over the hotplates and subsequently what you're actually cooking is absolutely fowl.

The landlord decided to sell the property which we were happy about because there was no way in hell we were going to renew the lease but we unfortunately had to endure approximately 10 open inspections in just over a month over Christmas and new years. - even though we were vacating the month after.

The location was also really inconvenient.

The house is just terribly dilapidated and dated and the landlord doesn't want to spend a cent on it.

Agent very inefficient, wouldn't follow up on emails or anything. 1 month before the end of the tenancy, the owner decided to sell. We were told we would receive a rent reduction. Had to chase this up several times. We never received any feedback from inspections or maintenance requests.


  • Gas Hot Plate
  • Gas Oven
  • Backyard
  • Curtains / Blinds,
  • Pet friendly

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