34 North Avenue, Leichhardt NSW 2040

Rent Paid: $895p/w
Rated stars out 3 out of 5 (Average)
Agent: Hudson Mchugh
Submitted by: Annon

House was renovated for a quick 'wow' sell and has some shoddy fixtures and features, one in particular is the poorly design bathroom and bathroom vanity - has a fancy sink you would find in a pub with a slit for a drain…useless in a bathroom.

The kitsch and lounge area is basically just a massive kitchen area with an oversized island that takes up space.

Rooms are smallish for other properties for lease in the area. 

Agent is a shocker….anyone leasing properties don't bother with these guys. We had numerous maintenance calls ignored or taken over 4 weeks.

Has damp issues under the 2nd bedroom room a bit moist and as a tenant we have to run an underfloor fan which we have to pay for.

All in all better for the money around


  • Dryer
  • Washing Machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Gas Stove 
  • Gas hot water
  • Air Con

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