3 / 3 Quinliven Road Aldinga Beach SA 5173

  • Tenanted 12 Months
  • Rent Paid $195.00p/w
  • Agent: Phil McMahon
  • Rated out 1 of 5 (poor)
  • Submitted by Anonymous


Many problems with the neighbour in the unit next door, police called multiple times. Rats in the walls, reported issues to property manager but nothing ever done.

I ended up having to leave 6 weeks before my lease ended due to the neighbour harassment.

I had paid 8 weeks in advance so was paid up until the end of the lease, I notified the property manager that I had vacated the property and asked if they could start looking for a new tenant early as I was paying for an empty unit. It would have cost them no more than at the end of my lease and they had nothing to loose as I'd paid well in advance. They did absolutely nothing to assist and tried charging me for curtains that never existed. I however had taken photo's upon entering the property and upon vacating and had left the place in a better condition.

I then did not have my bond returned until 2 months after the lease had ended.

I am a fantastic tenant and was treated like a 3rd class citizen.

I have since found a fantastic property with a property manager who appreciates the way I look after the property, that I pay in advance and she makes sure that any faults are rectified immediately.

A.D the Property Manager is a horrible person and a terrible property manager