272 Colebrook Road, Richmond, Tasmania, 7025

Rent Paid: $170.00p/w
Rated stars out 1 out of 5 (Poor)
Agent: Private - Mr Bowen
Submitted by: Annon

Be careful with this address there are three rental properties all of which are owned by Mr Bowen, these properties are all with in 100 meters of the main house (were he resides) Mr Bowen is guilty of a number of violations of the rentals tenancy act.

Firstly entering the property when you are not home and moving YOUR property, believing it is his right to do so whenever he pleases.

Repairs that you may request from him will be meet with a face that looks as if he has swallowed a lemon, these properties are no more than slums with no ventilation, rodents in the walls, windows that don't close or open correctly.

He is constantly invading your privacy wanting to allow any body on the farm who needs a toilet access on to the property to use the out side toilets at any time day and night.
He regularly holds loud parties in his shearing shed disrupting peoples ability for quite and peaceful enjoyment, he has been seen entering into the houses whilst the tenants are out and has no perception of the tenants rights.
There are open sewer pits that smell incredibly bad during the summer and breading grounds for mosquitos, not to mention super illegal.

We have found him to be untruthful and generally mean when it comes to spending time or money on these properties, the place is strewed with dead and dying animals as well as two miss treated dogs that consistently bark and howl due to his inability to control these animals.



  • Electric Oven

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