21 Harold Street, Moe, Victora 3825

  • Tenanted: 60 Months
  • Rent paid: $160p/w
  • Agent: Private landlord Dawes and Rallis
  • Ratedstars out 1 out of 5 (excellent!)
  • Submitted by: Margaret


Building Defects: 

• Front steps not at right height to met Australian Safety/Building Code also safety railing not secure or at the right height.
• Building was not able to be secured as I was not given a key for the backdoor also windows were unable to be closed in some rooms.
• Heater needed to be ignited with a match or lighter as the landlords refused to replace the ignition switch and was also never checked for carbon monoxide leaks.
• Oven was not secured to the wall and wobbled every time I opened the oven door also the electrical wires were hanging out the back of the wall.
• Bath/Shower tiles were falling off the wall, some fell on my 7 year old daughter while she was taking a bath.
• Vanity in the bathroom was rotted due to the taps being corroded and constantly leaking.
• 2 of the 3 bedrooms had no bedroom doors.
(I have photo proof of these matters & proof that we asked for these matters to be fixed numerous times over the 5 years.)
Breaches of tenants rights:
• Landlord Mr. Dawes would show up unannounced.

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