2/46 Carlisle Street, Ashfield, NSW, 2131

Rent Paid: $500p/w
Rated stars out 1 out of 5 (Poor)
Agent:  Not Provided
Submitted by: Robert

One of the worst landowners ever. They used two real estate agents to find a renter and advertised at different prices.

When moving into the house, it was filthy and required a few days of cleaning to be able to move in. Unknown to us when we moved in, that the landlord's father lived next door (doesn’t speak English) would constantly check on us, including but not limited to, walking through the back and front yard and entering the house. When they did call us to have an inspection it would be on less than 24hrs notice and even if we would say no they would let themselves in any way. When we complained and wanted basic things fixed (electric socket, light fixture, stove top) they would take several months to reply or not do it at all. A lot of the lights in the house didn’t work and the oven and stovetop short-circuited, and the landlord tried to take the repair cost out of our bond.

The property was a duplex, with their family members living downstairs and they also charged us for the cost of having water at the property, not just water usage, which is illegal. After our one year lease was up, we continued on a month to month contract. About six months into this they gave us 20 days to leave stating that their family needs to move in. We pointed out that this was illegal because we weren't under contract it was required that 90 days notice be given, we had to contact a lawyer to assert these rights and after several fights she relented. Upon finally moving out, the landlord claimed we had not paid rent from over a year ago, and she hadn't charged us for water for over a year either. She had no proof of either and refused to provide bank statements (which we had showing rent was paid in full). She withheld bond for these reasons. This was one of the worst landlords I've ever had, and I'd highly recommend looking elsewhere.


  •  Electric Oven
  • Balcony

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