12/22-36 Charles Street, Norwood, SA, 5063

  • Rent paid: $290p/w
  • Rated stars out 3 out of 5 (Average)
  • Agent: Turner Real Estate
  • Submitted by: Annon

Lived here for a 1 year lease. Fairly nice renovated unit in trendy Norwood. Except it's on the 3rd floor with no elevator, so moving in / out is a total nightmare plus if you forget something in your car - which has to be parked about 50 metres away from the building.

Can be quite isolating being such a distance from the street level. Gets extremely hot in summer being on the top level in direct sunlight, and the single tiny split system doesn't cope. The hot water is from a bulk system through Origin and is outrageously expensive. There is also no (cold) water meter meaning a flat charge for water regardless of usage.

The internet services (DSL) is very poor, probably due to so many units in the block that is in a fairly low density area.

The agent is very difficult to get ahold of and also to deal with. Very inflexible with respect to moving dates, extending the lease by a single week (despite there not being a new tenant to move in). Bond was released quickly.

You can also hear the downstairs neighbours having a conversation so you can imagine what it's like when they have friends over, which is pretty much every weekend and throughout the night.

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