10 Primrose Street Caboolture QLD 4510

  • Tenanted 12 Months
  • Rent Paid $280 per week
  • Agent LJ Hooker
  • Rated out 1 out of 5 (poor)
  • Submitted: Julie

The reason why we have decided to leave/have left 10 Primrose Street Caboolture is because overall house is not up to standard and will eventually cause serious injury  to one of the current or future  tenants. Upon initial inspection (open day) everything appeared to be ok on the surface, but it was only after moving in that we discovered, gradually, there were a series of things wrong with the house both on the inside and on the outside.

A lot of the work the landlord has done was without the knowledge /permission of the Moreton Bay Regional Council (we’ve had the plumbing inspector from the council back that up) who said that there was no record of an application to add an extra external toilet to the premises.

One of the primary things we found to be wrong with the home, and a potential health risk at that, was the slab of concrete at the back giving off sheets of dust every time there’s a high wind.
Concrete slab floods every time there is a heavy rain, owner put his idea of a drain in at the end of the slab, cheap plastic drains in a sandy soil so when water runs down from the back yard it runs under the drains, up over and onto the slab, constant complaints were met with if there’s no risk to life its ok.   To fix the slab during the cyclonic rain we had to fix them to face the other way with bricks.  Eventually I am told (at the time of writing this) a plumber will come and “write a report”

Roof of the back porch not sealed, it leaks every time it rains.
Can’t use the rotary clothes line because it’s under a mango tree—bat /bird poop Mango pulp etc the lines on the rotary are putrid. ‘Temporary’ washing line was suggested but with the lack of handyman skills of the owner we decided to use the lines we had put up ourselves under the roof of the back porch. Initially the owner said he would cut it back, but on an inspection of what needed doing with the realtor she changed his mind.

Lack of Peaceful enjoyment of the property because of the banging on the shed roof when mangoes drop or twigs etc. Rubbish behind the shed we can’t get at.
Fly screen door on the back glass door has never worked since he put it on
Step into house from back porch dangerous, bricks aren’t enough.  We bought a special step
No vent in bathroom/whirlybirds on roof so steam just hangs around or goes in the roof (would hate to see the roof timbers).
Lounge room /bathroom windows don’t either close properly and /or lock.
Shed leaks

Power Company said a second meter was needed or electricity bill would be really high.  Owner initially said he was an electrician so we offered to buy the meter if he would install it.  That turned out to be one of many lies as it never happened.

Garage door wouldn’t shut, owner played with it in his usual lack of ability way.   I was expected to fiddle with it to get it to shut (after he had supposedly fixed it) I damaged my fingers only then was someone else sent in to fix it.
There are no vents anywhere so it’s a hot box more than it should be.
On moving in the incinerator at the back was full of chunks of wood no doubt from one of the owners disasters. No way could that timber be burned.
Next door neighbor is evidently the owner’s wife’s sister or something so the owner always knows what goes on.

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