10 Leyland Road, Mount Waverley, VIC, 3149

Rent Paid: $550p/w  raised because we did not want to commit to another 12 month lease - Increase $15.00 extra per week
Rated stars out 1 out of 5 (Poor)
Agent: Barry Plant Mount Waverley, Victoria
Submitted by: Annon

We rented this property which was supposed to have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and a double garage with storage. The garage storage area is filled with mattresses, the car port area was occupied by old desks. Within 4 months of moving in the downstairs bathroom overflowed with sewage (faeces, urine, water) When the plumber came in we found that this was an ongoing problem that the owners have refused to get permanently fixed. This meant that the 3rd bathroom was unusable!! Yet, we were paying a top rent for the property.

This issue has recurred every three months and we have been made to clean the overflow which is a health hazard. The owners have known about this problem of broken terracotta sewage pipes for a number of years and have not done anything about it. They continue to expect us to bear with the problem but now we are in the process of taking it to VCAT as they no longer want to be in contact. The owners that live in China and their daughter lives in Sydney. Barry Plant Mount Waverley is their current agent.

Their air-conditioners are cheap and have to be fixed on a regular basis.
Their external blinds are ripped and do not serve any purpose AND please do not be fooled by the tiny curtains on the Western side as that is all they are!. With the house facing west, one would hope that the external blinds worked. The balcony door cannot be opened, either, and hence serves no purpose


  • Dishwasher
  • Air conditioning
  • Gas Hot Plate
  • Electric Oven

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